Sunday, November 6, 2016

back to our roots . . .

life has been a little crazy for us lately and it feels like we've just been getting shoved through it without hardly even thinking about what we're doing, and there has been no time for anything extra!  but we had a recent weekend off and didn't know what we were going to do with it, so we got up one morning and suddenly decided that we were going to go to yellowstone for the day!  we felt like our old selves again, randomly deciding to go gallivanting off to somewhere crazy at a moment's notice.  it felt good, just like the good ol' days!  i love yellowstone so much, and to be so close now that we can wake up on a morning and take a day trip makes my heart happy:)
 there was an elk out in this meadow, it doesn't look much more than a spec of dirt in this one, but the landscape is beautiful!
here he is again a little closer
 this elk was really pretty!  he was right along the road and we were super close to him, he was very majestic and beautiful and was totally causing a traffic jam.  i love that you know whenever there's a critter sighting because there's cars stopped all over in the road.  it's an endearing quality of yellowstone that we've grown to love and only gets irritating sometimes when you've already seen 300 buffalo and just need to get down the highway!  Lol!!
 more elk
 one of our favorite spots is firehole falls.  we've seen it a million times, but it's always awesome and not as frequented as some places there
 this was the boardwalk to the paint pots and geysers, it was pretty cold outside so it was hard to get a shot where everything wasn't covered with steam!  we managed to get a couple throughout the day, but there were a lot of places that we couldn't even see because there was so much steam!
 cuties!  everyone's eyes were all watery because the wind was blowing so hard, it was really windy when we were on the boardwalk!
 there was this cool tree that we wanted to get a few pictures with, it was a perfect photo site that i don't think we've seen before!
 look who we hauled up there with us . . . grandpa jeff!  it was fun to have him come along, and without him we wouldn't have found the cool, gnarled up tree to take all these great pics by!
 this one of the guys was my favorite!  they were all looking and smiling even, what a priceless pic!
it took us awhile to finally find some buffalo, but eventually we did and we were really close to them!
stupidity at its finest . . . we thought this guy was going to get mowed down right in front of us!  people are beyond stupid sometimes . . . Lol!!!
old faithful was less faithful this time . . . the sign says a time, give or take 10 minutes, but it erupted 12 minutes before the scheduled time and we pretty much missed it!  but aiden ran up and snapped a few pics for us so we still got some pcs of it
this one looks like it could be in a national geographic or something, i loved it!  (well, if the photographer was a little more talented and it could be edited to perfection that is;)  but even still, it was one of my favorites!
this was the best shot we could get of grand prismatic spring, sad!  it was so steamy that you literally couldn't even see it!  just a little orange around the edges . . dang it!  there weren't very many people in the park since it was the offseason though, so that was pretty worth it!
as we were walking back to the van after grand prismatic, we spied this herd of buffalo down the river and i thought they looked so cool!  it was getting late in the day so our pictures are a bit dark, but cool nonetheless;)
another buffalo herd
and of course the day's not complete without a beautiful sunset!  the best way to end a trip to a national park if you ask me!
we had such a fun day and it was so fun to get back to what we love . . . random, unplanned drives and trips to wherever we want to go and whenever we want to go there!  it's what we love and what makes life great for us, i can't wait for our next impulsive getaway, we're going to find so many new adventures in our idaho life!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

idaho life

this is officially my last blog in the blogging marathon that it has taken to  get things caught up after these last couple crazy months!  phew!  life sure has been crazy, but in a good way so it's ok!;)  there was an overcast day that the kids and i weren't doing much, just enjoying the outside, and i ended up getting some of the cutest pictures of everyone at jeff and susan's house.
sitting on an old bench in the field
the kids playing on an old cattle chute . . this one above is one of my all time favorites, i love everything about it!  they're both looking for once, and the sky and background are so pretty!  i might have to frame this one of these days;)
they seriously loved this cattle chute, crazy little kiddos!
they just ran around all day playing on all the crap out in the field!  old trucks, tractors, cattle chutes . . . they had such a blast!
this was another one of my favorites, so stinking cute!!!
it cracks me up when i walk out and find colty swinging on the swings like this.  he always does it, with his arms and legs hanging down and just swinging back and forth . . . it's hilarious!!!
they love diesel!  he's a pretty good little mutt and they have a lot of fun playing with him! 
playing with mak on the tractor . . . life is good!
this is the life for us!  i want to be able to look across the horizon and see fields and room to roam.  no buildings, subdivisions, or miles and miles of traffic.  i love that our kids can actually play outside and that we can be here again!  seriously, i know i've said it a million times but we're just so happy to be back in idaho!  it's still so surreal and i don't know when it's actually going to sink in, but we're finally here!  we're so excited for this new adventure in our lives, now to find some land and a place to call our own . . . we can hardly wait!!!!

you just can't put a price on some things . . .

just a few of the reasons that we're so excited to be back home . . . 
you just can't put a price on memories like this!
riding the tractor with grandpa dennis . . . 
and of course the 4-wheelers!
when we pulled in to grandma ruby's one day, i told the kids that the peacock was taking the 4-wheeler for a spin . . . we all laughed so hard!
we 've gotten to spend some time at grandpa dick's house too,  i loved this one of lynlee on the 4 wheeler!  she was so excited to get to drive it by herself!  in case you couldn't tell, cute little lynnles!
riding the ranger with grandpa dick is a favorite too, even the dogs got in on the action!
i love that we've been able to spend so much time with our grandparents, cousins, and families since we've been here!  we've been so grateful for every second that we've been back in idaho.  i sometimes wonder why we took off to utah like we did when we got married, with no jobs and a hundred dollars in our bank account, we were so crazy!  but in the end, even though we missed our families so much, i feel like it's been a blessing in so many ways and i know that we appreciate our time here so much more than we ever would have if we hadn't tried so hard for so long to get back!  sometimes you never know why things work out the way they do, but every now and then you get a glimpse of blessings that you never knew were there and it makes you even that much more grateful.  we love our families and are so glad to be home!