Wednesday, November 15, 2017

halloween 2017

we definitely took advantage of the month of October and celebrated Halloween as many times as possible . . . which is exactly how it should be if you ask me!  we carved pumpkins at gr. susan's . . . 
and a Halloween party at Ashley's . . . 
devin was a gorilla and kept scaring everyone with his gorilla suit, and pretty soon all the kids were wearing it . . . and aiden and  mak swapped costumes so mak was the hulk with a red afro, and aiden had the hulk mask on . . . crazy kids!
I was a wolf and had wolf ears and a tail, and long eyelashes and fake blood splattered nails . . . and trav put on aiden's wig and glasses!  it was awesome!  he's such a dork . . :):):)
next was the library trick or treating, lynlee found her best friend landy, and jen and her kids and nikki and her kids came too.  it was super cute, especially lynlee and landy holding hands!  cutest thing ever!!!!
they got to dress up for preschool on Halloween too, it's so fun that there are 4 cousins in their class!  their poor preschool teacher!!!:)
next up was boo at the zoo.  the kids were napoleon dynamite this year . . . and lynlee was a unicorn.  hahaha!!!!  they looked awesome, there's no way there is a better napoleon out there, Lol!!!  
there was trick or treating, games, and the kids won 2nd place in the costume contest.  they should have won 1st, but we had to haul around a 2 liter of pop, box of popcorn, and bag of candy just for 2nd so I was ok with it . . . Lol!!!  even though theirs was totally better than the winner's;)  we got so many comments, we probably had 50 people comment on their costumes!  everyone loved them, and especially little "tina"  we had him totally answering to tina by the end of the night!!  it was great and they had so  much fun, we'll definitely go back next year!
on actual Halloween we met up with zac and manami and visited grandparents and trick or treated in their subdivision in town.  the kids hauled in so much candy and there were like, at least 3 houses that gave out full size candy bars . . . that's how you know you're trick or treating in the right 'hood right there!!!:):):)
we visited grandpa dick and grandma helen, and then went out to my dad and vauna's, and then to grandma ruby's with trick or treating in between.  
our worn out little tina tells it all, it was a very eventful day!  they had such a good time though and it was so fun to go with zac and manami and their kiddos!   and to go see all the grandparents, it couldn't have been a funner day! . .
and of course the doggies got Halloween handkerchiefs after their grooming session, gr. ruby texted me this pic of them and I was cracking up!  I love it!  the kids laughed so hard too, we love our festive doggies!
it was another successful Halloween in the books for us, the kids rocked their costumes and of course I had a blast putting them together.  I love that our kids are such good sports and let me go to town on whatever I deem fit for them . . . I enjoyed every second because I don't know how many more years i'll get out of them!  this may be the last year they will allow me to dress them all up together!  aiden kept talking about how this was his last year trick or treating and then he'd probably be too old, so we'll see . . . I might be able to eek out one more . . !;)  I sure love these kiddos of ours, and of course Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, it was a great October full of Halloween fun and i'm already looking forward to next year!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

halloween season kick-off party

we had a Halloween party at our house a couple weeks ago to make decorations out of bottles because I flipping LOVE Halloween and I don't think you can ever have enough Halloween parties!  so to kick off  the season, we had the first party of the year.  yippee!
we made some Halloween treats that included salty bone breadsticks, and chocolate covered pretzel stick bones (pretzel sticks with marshmellows on the end to make it look like a bone and then dipped in almond bark.  so fun!!)  aiden was such a huge help and it was so fun to make all these things with him!  he really likes to help me in the kitchen and he does a really good job!
 we painted and decorated bottles and it ended up being super fun!  thanks to all my years of habitual end of year Halloween shopping, I had enough craft crap to supply an army!  so everyone just showed up, heather brought a giant box of bottles (thanks heth, you're awesome!!!)  and we crafted it up!  so fun!
it was a blast and I was so excited to kick off the Halloween season . . . I can't help it, i'm a freak and I seriously love Halloween!  what am I going to do when the kids get too old for it and I can't dress them up?!  it'll be so sad!  i'm so excited for this year and our Halloween plans, it's going to be so much fun and i'm sure i'll have a number of Halloween posts to add when it's all done . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way!  happy Halloween everyone!

vote for pedro . . . or better yet, vote for dylan and aiden!

a couple weeks ago, aiden came home after school and said, "well mom, it looks like i'm running for vice president . . . "  I was like, what?  for what?! "FOR THE SCHOOL MOM!!!"  Lol!!!  what?!  how the heck did this happen??  and then he preceded to tell me that him and his friend Dylan were walking to the bus and Dylan was like, "aiden, should I run for president?"  and aiden, being the kind, supportive fella that he is was like, "yah, I think you should."  and Dylan says, "hmm . . i'd need a running partner though . . . "  and I can picture this perfectly, aiden shrugs and says, "i'll be your running partner . . . "  and they turned around right then and there and went and signed up in the office.  BAHAHAHA!!!!  I loved it.  and my favorite part was that he told me of this, picked up his book, and started reading.  couldn't have given a crap less . . that's my aiden!  so funny! 
so here they are, the little cuties!  Dylan came over to our house a couple times to work on stuff, we hauled them over to the library once . . . it was fun.  I had to get their picture for one of their flyers, so that's the first one above, but then I needed their heads closer together so we had to get another . . . which is why their heads are so close together in this one:):):)
honestly, it was all so fun, I think I had more fun with it than they did!  I started by looking online at election poster ideas and they were all so lame and generic!  and i'm pretty sure that's the first thing everyone else did too, because everyone else used them all!  and i wasn't about to let them use some lame, generic copycat posters!  no way!!!  so we started from scratch.  somehow we came up with a napoleon dynamite theme and started by thinking up some of the funny lines in the movie, and then made them into posters.  which were completely awesome and the best part, completely original!!!  I seriously loved them and I thought they turned out so great!!

I should have gotten a better pic of this one, but this was the best I could do . . . and it was just because Dylan's mom was nice enough to send me this one!  so i'm grateful to have one at all really!;)  this one was a liger riding a unicorn that said, "vote for dylan and aiden and all your wildest dreams will come true."
right?!  how great are these?!  I thought they were awesome!!!
we also ordered vote for pedro shirts and covered up pedro and wrote "dylan and aiden."  along with napoleon dynamite wigs and glasses.  and the best part is that it will double as his Halloween costume this year because he'll be napoleon, Sadie will be deb, and colton will be tina.  and lynlee will be a unicorn, which isn't totally unrelated because he DID draw a picture of a unicorn at the beginning.  totally works, right?!  Lol!!!!

we also got them this gigantic shark balloon that was supposed to be remote controlled and didn't work (we won't talk about that part, Lol!!!;)  but was still awesome so we sent it with him to just float around in the hall.
and it was a hit!  we wrote "vote 4 dylan and aiden" on 2 signs and hung them from its belly.  it was seriously awesome and aiden said everyone loved it!
this was for their speech, I snuck in and watched them;)  Dylan gave the speech since he was the one running for president, and aiden dressed up in his napoleon dynamite outfit.  they did great and my favorite part was at the end as they were walking off stage, aiden threw his hands in the air.  it was awesome and I loved it!  the student body cheered so loud for them both before their speech and after, it was a really proud  mom moment!  they didn't end up winning, but I found out later from aiden that there were 13 teams running!  he said the principal told them that it was the most kids that had ever run, which doesn't surprise me, that's a lot of teams! and only 3 were 7th graders, the rest were 8th.  which was another thing I didn't realize, I just thought it was for 7th grade, not the whole jr. high!  I asked aiden if he was bummed that they didn't win, and he said he was just slightly disappointed when they announced the winners, but not really.  of course an 8th grade team would win, and they were kids who were very kind and well liked and who would do a good job.  the secretary told me that it was a super close race, and I didn't blatantly ask because there were a lot of people in the office when i was there, but i got the feeling that they were really close to winning.  in the end, I thought they were so brave for putting themselves out there like that, and did such a great job with it all.  I was seriously so proud of them and it was super fun to help them.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

fair fun

I can't believe it's that time of year again . . . fair time!!!  one of the best times of the year  if you ask me . . . or any of my kids!  they were so excited this year, aiden and Sadie couldn't wait to get on some rides, and colton and lynlee were still just too young to know what they were in for . . . Lol!!!  and trav and I just wanted to eat a bunch of fair food . . . whichever way you slice it, there's something to make everyone happy!  you've gotta just love that dang fair!
we got together with Ashley and devin and went on the same day for the kids' wristband days so they could all ride together, which I love because aiden and kennedy can team up and Sadie and liv can team up and it just works out perfectly!  and they love it so . . . it's a win-win for everyone!  we were there from like, 1100 in the morning til 900 pm, I literally thought my legs were going to fall off . . . it was terrible, Lol!!!  the things we go through for our kids!!;)  but they loved it and had a great day so it was worth it:)
of course we had to get in on some good fair food!  colty had the "rite of passage" bubble gum cone (I can't even think about it without almost barfing, yet I remember being so excited to get a bubble gum cone myself at the fair like, every year!)  I had not one, but two of my favorite baked potatoes with everything on them . . . so freaking good . . !  and a Navajo taco, some tiger ear, scone nuggets, a rice bowl and egg roll, and one of those toffee tumbler things that keeps winning best fair food awards and won it again this year . . . I didn't even like it that much!  really i'd rather have a tiger ear or fried snickers . . . which I didn't miss out on this year either, i love those dang fried snickers!!!  oh and some cheese fries, those were super good!  trav got a giant turkey leg and looked like a knuckle-dragging caveman eating it, I don't want to hear any more remarks about my ugg boots . . . Lol!!!;););)  trav also had a chicken rice bowl, a sampler platter at the alligator bayou (or whatever that place is called) a couple enchiladas . . . we seriously got in on some flipping good fair food this year! 
the kids milked the cow and got some gossners milk so of course we had to get pictures of the pig and cow!

and the best part of all?! . . . 
my grandpa dick was nice enough to come out to our house and stay with colty and lynnles while we took aiden and Sadie in to the demo derby, it was so fun!  they love going and getting to have a "date night" with mom and dad . . . and we love it too!  it's so fun that they're getting big enough to come with us to things like that, we all have a blast!
Sadie wasn't ready . . . 
I wasn't ready . . . 
story of my life!  it's impossible to get a decent picture of everyone, Lol!!  oh well!  it ended up being such a fun night and the perfect ending to another great week at the fair.  until next year eisf, we already can't wait!